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An Antarctic scientific station for growing alien plants and investigating their properties. The Russian artist, Boris T. Travkin, entered it in a 1973 futuristic art competition for the magazine Tekhnika Molodezhi (Translated: Technology for the Youth). 

Here’s what Boris had to say about it, according to Google Translate: 

“Not long is the time when automatic stations will deliver to Earth from other planets of the solar system not only minerals, but also embryos, spores and seeds of strange grasses, flowers, plants. I tried to depict a biological laboratory where a Venusian tree grows under a plastic heat-resistant dome. For him, all the necessary conditions have been created - high pressure and temperature. The leaves of the tree give off toxic fumes, so for safety reasons the laboratory is built on a deserted Antarctic shore.”

First posted to my instagram, seventiesscifiart. Thanks to @FANUC_M420iA for the research behind this. 

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