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July 17 2017

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Art by Wojtek Siudmak. Front cover of the 6th Paris Science Fiction and Fantasy Film Festival program. I believe Star Wars was shown at this festival. Check out the Millennium Falcon rock on the left! Image from Fantastic Films magazine Oct 1979 #fantasyart #surreal #fantasticfilms #starwars

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Bruce Pennington, 1976

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Tom Chantrell poster art for George Romero’s 1978 film Dawn of the Dead

RIP George Romero.

July 16 2017

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Günther Kieser. The Jimi Hendrix Experience (Poster art detail), Germany, 1969.

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Paul Alexander - The Gateway To Forever, 1972.

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Massimo Bellardinelli

July 15 2017

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Jim Burns

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Angus McKie

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Lou Feck #art via my instagram

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Ron Cobb’s “ornithopter” design for Alejandro Jodorowsky’s unproduced adaptation of DUNE, via Humaniod History

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