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January 31 2018

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Bob Eggleton

January 30 2018

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Franco Storchi

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John Harris

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Naoki Yasuda

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Chris Moore

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Angus McKie

January 29 2018

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Rodney Matthews

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Ray Bradbury

Corgi silver series - cover art by Bruce Pennington 

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Tim White

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Ralph McQuarrie cover art for “Splinter of the Mind’s Eye” by Alan Dean Foster, 1978, via @humanoidhistory

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Dance of the Planet Tenders by Steven Vincent Johnson

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“I love this painting by the incomparable John Berkey for a book cover entitled, The Humanoid Touch, by Jack Williamson, published in 1980.

The ship sits on an Earthly landscape and immediately gives the sense that its just landed and out pours its inhabitants, arms open, to embrace mankind. Instead of a smooth cylinder, Berkey has given it relief, texture, and design. All of those little pieces give the ship a technological advance. As in all of John’s spaceship art, the technology feels practical. I believe it made it this far in space.”

~ illustrator Greg Manchess, writing for Tor.com

January 28 2018

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Roger Dean

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The How and Why Wonder Book of Stars, 1973 edition. Written by Norman Hoss, illustrated by James Ponter.

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Paul Lehr

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